Gecko – In.Temp Hot Tub Air Source Heat Pump (5kw)


Price includes fitting, installation and extra pipework.

Save energy and money with Gecko’s newest heat pump solution. The in.temp air sourced heat pump allows you to *save up to 75% on energy consumption in comparison with electric elements (*savings depend on outside air temperature and climate conditions – see in.temp Information Sheet for more details).

The in.temp air source heat pump works similar to a fridge but in reverse. Heat energy is absorbed from the outside air as it passes over cold coils containing an eco-friendly refrigerant. This refrigerant is then pumped into a compressor which heats it further. This heat energy is then transferred to the hot tub water as it flows though the in.temp heat exchanger.

Once connected to a compatible Gecko control panel the in.temp heat pump is controlled and powered directly from the spa control unit, this allows the control system to smartly manage the power usage.

Choose from one of the six different modes of operation, including “Smart” modes which let you take full advantage of your in.temp to optimise your energy savings. There is even a “Cool” mode to cool down your hot tub water on those hot summer days.

Please Note: The in.temp air source heat pump is only available to customers at the time of purchase / install of a new hot tub.
Due to compatibility requirements, we are currently not able to offer a retrofit service.

Available at our store in Wellingborough.

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  • Energy efficient – *Save up to 75% on energy consumption.
  • 6 Operation Modes to choose from including Smart Heat modes and Cool mode.
  • Controlled directly from your hot tub control panel.
  • Works alongside or separately to your hot tubs existing heater.


  • Size (including base feet): 79.4cm x 55.5cm x 39.5cm
  • Operating Temperature: -5°C (23°F) to 43°C (109°F)
  • Weight: 45kg

In.Temp Information Sheet

*Please Note: Features and Specification are subject to change.

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Weight45 kg

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