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Pre-Delivery Site Survey:

We always carry out a pre-delivery site survey in person for every hot tub we sell. This is to make sure a delivery plan can be put in place for the day of installation. On the survey, we look to make sure we can deliver the hot tub to your proposed base position. Our team will arrange a site survey once a deposit has been placed on a hot tub.

As you can imagine, hot tubs are very heavy pieces of equipment (weighing around 300kg – 500kg) and moving them around takes careful planning. Whilst on site, we survey the terrain we need to move the hot tub across as well as looking out for other obstacles and protrusions that may cause access issues.

During the survey, we can also advise you on the type of base and electrics required as well as the orientation of your new hot tub (e.g. you may not want to sit in a lounger looking at a fence panel). These are just some of the things that need to be taken into consideration before delivery.

Testing and PDI:

We carry out a PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) on all of our hot tubs, this ensures that everything is checked and as it should be when your hot tub is delivered. There are only 3 to 4 other dealers in the UK that carry out PDI’s on hot tubs before delivering them as most other dealers tend to skip this inspection step which could potentially lead to issues later on.

We test our hot tubs for a minimum of 4 hours which allows us to ensure that the hot tub is watertight, leak-free and maintains its temperature without a cover. During the test, we check all of the plumbing joints and body / shell of the hot tub.

We also carry out a full operation check to ensure all of the equipment including the control system, LED lights, audio speakers, air/water control valves and diverters work perfectly ready for delivery.

Delivery & Install Service

Our standard delivery and install service includes manual delivery of your hot tub. This is where we wheel the hot tub on our spa dolly (a purpose-built steel trailer for the hot tub with steerable wheels at both ends) to your pre-exiting base and carefully lower the hot tub down into position.

Once your hot tub is finally positioned on its base, we start to fill it with water. Whilst the hot tub is filling, we fit your power cable into the hot tub and wire it in. If you have purchased a cover lifter or steps, these will also be fitted by our team.

Once the hot tub is full of water, we will then give you an introduction to your new hot tub and show you how all the controls work. Our engineers will then talk to you about the water chemistry and your hot tub chemical starter kit to make sure you are happy with the install and ready to start enjoying your new hot tub.

HIAB or Crane Delivery:

Sometimes, if access is too narrow or there is no safe way of getting a hot tub into position, a HIAB or Crane may be required (any possible access issues will be identified on our site survey).

A HIAB is a mechanical arm attached to a lorry which has a shorter reach than a crane. HIABs can be used for lifting a hot tub over shorter distances such as over a wall, fence or gate (depending on vehicle access). A crane is normally used when the hot tub has to be lifted over a longer reach such as over a property. See our Customer Gallery page for more HIAB and Crane install photos.

If either of these services are required, we can make all of the arrangements for you and let you pay the HIAB or crane companies directly. Prices vary depending on what size of HIAB or crane is required.

Our Delivery Area:

Our delivery radius is 25 miles from our store in Wellingborough (shown on the map below).

We use this 25 mile radius as a guide, however, we may deliver a few miles further but all within reason. This delivery area is set up so that we can maintain our high standards of customer service and continue to look after the 1,000+ hot tubs we have installed for our local customers.

We can deliver hot tubs to most of Northamptonshire as well other locations within our delivery area including, Wellingborough, Kettering, Rushden, Northampton, Corby, Market Harborough, Thrapston, Oundle, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Towcester, Daventry, Uppingham, Huntingdon, St Neots, Biggleswade and Bletchley.