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Secure Online Payment Transactions

Secure Payment Transactions by Barclaycard ePDQ

Bestbuys uses Barclaycard’s ePDQ as our preferred payment method. This allows you to make payment with your Debit or Credit card (Sorry, we do not accept American Express).

When making a purchase on our website, you will be directed to Barclays’ secure payment page where you can pay by credit, debit or charge card. Barclays will use your details to process the transaction with your bank and handle the payment to Bestbuys. Your sensitive data is protected by Barclaycard ePDQ as they are compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Why we use Barclaycard ePDQ?

  • Simple to use payment pages
  • Fast and secure transactions
  • Card Security Code (CSV) verification
  • 3-D Secure payments
  • Authorisation in seconds
  • Dealing with the recognised and trusted Barclaycard brand.

3-D Secure is a protocol developed by the card schemes that improves the security of Internet payments. It allows merchants to authenticate cardholders through the cards’ issuers. It’s goals are to reduce the likelihood of fraud when using supported cards and to improve transaction performance. Merchants who do not use 3-D Secure may be liable for fraudulent transactions even if the transaction was authorized by other means.

Visa offers 3-D Secure under the name Verified by Visa and MasterCard offers it as MasterCard SecureCode. These are mandatory requirements for making payments by card on our website and help make transactions more secure for both you the customer and Bestbuys.

*Sorry, we do not accept American Express.