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How can we help you?

Before deciding to purchase a Hot Tub, we know that you may have a few questions.

Below, we have answered some of the most common questions our customers have asked us over the years.
If you cannot find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact our store on 01933 272699 or send a message by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

You are also welcome to visit our showroom in Wellingborough, where our Hot Tub team will be happy to have a friendly chat and help answer any queries you may have.

Do you keep hot tubs in stock?

Yes, we do our best to keep most of our hot tubs in stock and we normally hold around 30 to 40 hot tubs in various models and colours. Having our own stock means you do not have to wait months for a new hot tub to be delivered. If your model and colour choice is in stock, you could be enjoying a new hot tub sooner than you think.

What type of base do I need for my hot tub?

The base for your hot tub needs to be very strong as a hot tub full of water with people in it can weigh around 1-2 tonnes and this amount of weight will be in position for many years. We normally recommend a flat and level concrete base between 4-6 inches deep for the hot tub to be positioned on. However, as you can see in our Customer Gallery images, some of our customers have placed hot tubs on patios and decking, but these have been strongly reinforced by concrete or other means.

You can contact our team to discuss your specific base requirements or we can advise you further when we carry out a site survey.

What type of electrics do I need in place for my hot tub?

Our range of hot tubs run at 32amps which allows them to have more equipment and a larger heater so they are able to maintain temperature better during the colder months. All of the hot tubs in our range also have a minimum of 2 pumps to provide a better massage experience compared to 13amp hot tubs which often only have a single less powerful pump and limited features.

Before we can install your hot tub, you need to have the necessary electrics installed by a qualified electrician. If you do not know someone who can do this, we can help put you in touch with a qualified electrician who is familiar with our hot tub electrical requirements.

Our hot tubs require a 32amp power supply and an extra 4m of armoured cable at the site of the hot tub base is required to allow our engineers to feed the cable into the hot tub and around to the power in connection point. More details and advice on your electrics will be provided on your site survey.

What delivery access do you need to install my hot tub?

The minimum access width needed for a hot tub to be installed using our wheeled spa dolly is 1m all the way along the delivery route, however other considerations such as the terrain and obstacles need to be accounted for. If access is too narrow or there is not a clear access route to your chosen base position, a HIAB or Crane may be required.

Our team will always carry out a pre-delivery site survey in person for every hot tub we sell to identify any possible access restrictions. Please visit our Delivery and Install page to find out more.

What chemicals do I need to maintain the water in my hot tub?

Maintaining your water is an essential part of owning a hot tub. To ensure the water is kept clean, clear and safe to use, it needs to be treated with certain chemicals. It can seem like there is a lot to take in at first, but once you are familiar with your water chemistry, maintaining your water is relatively simple.

The two main elements of maintaining the quality and cleanliness of your water are the sanitiser (chlorine or bromine) and the pH level. Chlorine is the most commonly used sanitiser and is used in hot tubs and swimming pools to kill and prevent the growth of bacteria and algae.

The pH level indicates whether your water is acidic (low pH) or alkaline (high pH). The optimum pH level for water in a hot tub is between 7.2 and 7.8. If your pH levels are not maintained within these levels, then the sanitiser will not work as efficiently and you may experience skin / eye irritation or cloudy water. The pH level can be adjusted by adding either pH plus or pH minus to the water depending on your current pH level reading. Ideally, your water should be tested and adjusted, if necessary, on a daily basis.

To reduce the amount of chemicals you need to add to your water, our range of hot tubs come fitted with an ozone generator which helps sanitise the water every time a pump starts, whether its heating, filtering or being used. In the long run, this helps enormously as less sanitiser is needed to maintain the quality of your water.

Water chemistry is something we cover during the handover of your hot tub and as part of our aftersales service, you are welcome to speak to us in store or over the phone if you need any further help or advice on your water chemistry. Your hot tub chemical started kit also includes a water chemistry guide and if you need to top up on supplies, Hot Tub Chemicals are available to purchase in store.

How often does the water in my hot tub need to be changed?

Normally we would recommend that the water in your hot tub is changed every 10-12 weeks, however, this time frame can be affected by how the water chemicals are managed and how often the hot tub is being used.

To work out how often a hot tub is used, you can look at the bather load. For example, 2 people in a hot tub for 30 minutes is a 1hr bather load, whilst 4 people in a hot tub for 2hrs is a 8 hr bather load. The bather load will make a difference to your water chemistry. A higher bather load will mean you will normally need to add a little more chemical to keep your water chemistry balanced or you may need to change the water sooner.

How much does it cost to run a hot tub?

There are lots of different factors which can affect the running costs of a hot tub and there are three cost elements to consider; electricity, chemicals and water. This means that each customers running costs will be different and will also vary throughout the year.

The electricity costs vary the most and will depend on what tariff you are on, how often the hot tub is being used and even the weather can have an impact (is it cold and windy or warm and calm?). However, as a rough guide if you are using the hot tub for 4 x 30minute sessions a week and you are paying 22p/kWh your electrical costs will be around £13 per week.

The amount of electricity used by a hot tub can be reduced by installing an Air Source Heat Pump which works alongside or instead of the hot tub’s existing heating system to *reduce energy consumption by up to 75% in comparison with electric elements. Click here to find out more.

When it comes to chemicals, the cost of the sanitiser and pH chemicals used could be as little as £2 a week if your water chemical / pH levels are kept in balance. Again, this will vary depending on how often the hot tub is being used.

The cost of water also depends on what tariff you are on and how often the water needs to be changed which is affected by usage (see water change question above). As an example, a mid-sized hot tub holds around 1,250 litres of water which including wastewater / sewerage charges, would cost less than £5 to refill or less than 50p per week (based on a water change every 10 weeks). This water would then need to be heated back up to temperature again.

Do hot tubs need to be serviced regularly?

No, is the short answer. We have been installing hot tubs since 2002 and after all these years, we feel that our range of hot tubs do not need an annual service if they are being looked after by the customer and the water chemistry is dealt with correctly. Essentially, the hot tub is being “micro-serviced” by you every time you go out to test the water and use it. Some companies offer annual service packages which offer little value for money as most Hot Tubs do not have any serviceable components as the components used will either work or not work.

If you experience an issue with your hot tub, please contact our store and one of our hot tub engineers can talk to you about the issue to see if it can be fixed over the phone. If an engineer is required to fix an issue on site, we can arrange for one of our engineers to come out to you to fix the issue.

Please note, we only carry out repairs / service work on hot tubs that we have sold and installed, as we will already know the hot tub and its service history.

Do you offer any finance options?

Unfortunately, we do not offer finance, because we feel we cannot offer a competitive rate, without raising prices to subsidise this. However, this is an area we hope to investigate again in the future. We are not authorized to give financial advice; however, several of our hot tub customers say that they have managed to obtain low interest loans from reputable lenders online such as the supermarket banks etc.

Do you offer any other hot tub models or colours?

To be able to hold stock of our hot tubs, we have focused on offering a handpicked range of the best models and layouts in a choice of our bestselling colours. This way of streamlining our range means we should have the most popular models and colours available.

If you wanted to order a specific model and colour that was not in stock or not expected to arrive with us soon, then it may be possible for us to place a special order for you. Please note, any special orders may be at a different price and would likely take longer to arrive in stock.

What is your delivery area for Hot Tubs?

Our delivery radius is 25 miles from our store in Wellingborough. We use this 25 mile radius as a guide, however, we may deliver a few miles further but all within reason. This delivery area is set up so that we can maintain our high standards of customer service and continue to look after the 1,000+ hot tubs we have installed for our local customers. Please see our Delivery and Install page for more details.

If you are outside our delivery area, it is possible to arrange to collect a hot tub from us. Any collections must be pre-arranged well in advance as the hot tub would still need to go through its rigorous testing and PDI checks prior to it being collected. Please note, any hot tubs collected would have to be self-installed. We would also be limited on how we can help service hot tubs outside of our delivery area. Please contact our hot tub team for more details.

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