Vian – Power Plus Full DC Inverter Hot Tub Air Source Heat Pump


Price when purchased with a new Hot Tub and includes installation, fittings and extra pipework.

Save energy and money with this high performance Vian Air Source Heat Pump which allows you to *save up to 75% on energy consumption in comparison with electric elements (*savings depend on outside air temperature and climate conditions – see Specifications and CoP Ratings for more details).

Air source heat pumps work similar to a fridge but in reverse. Heat energy is absorbed from the outside air as it passes over cold coils containing an eco-friendly refrigerant which is turned from a liquid into a gas. This refrigerant gas is then pumped into a compressor which heats it further. This heat energy is then transferred to the hot tub water as it flows through a titanium heat exchanger. The refrigerant then cools and turns back into a liquid and starts the process all over again.

This air source heat pump is capable of operating down to -10°C ambient temperature and features a Full DC Inverter which regulates the power consumption over a much more fluid range, rather than in steps or stages. This Full DC Inverter technology makes the heat pump more efficient over the long term and quieter to run as it can work on lower power.

The temperature can be set on the control panel located on the side of the air source heat pump or via an App. This allows your hot tub to use the more efficient air source heat pump rather than it’s electric heating element when heating is required. The air source heat pump can also be used to cool down your hot tub water on hot summer days.

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  • Energy efficient – *Save up to 75% on energy consumption.
  • Eco-friendly R32 refrigerant.
  • Full DC Inverter – regulates power consumption over a much more fluid range.
  • Control using side control panel or via an App.
  • Works instead of your hot tubs existing electric heating element.
  • Ability to cool hot tub water.


  • Size: 47cm x 29cm x 43cm
  • Max Power Draw: 0.168kW – 0.898kW
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to 43°C
  • Heating Range: 15°C to 40°C
  • Weight: 23.5kg
*Vian Power estimated savings compared to electric element in ideal climatic conditions. See Specifications / CoP Ratings or ask in store for more details.
*Please Note: Features and Specification are subject to change.

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Weight23.5 kg

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