Splash Hot Tub / Spa Chemical Starter Kit


This Hot Tub chemical kit includes everything you need to get started with managing the water chemistry of your new hot tub.

The starter kit includes Stabilised Chlorine Granules, pH Reducer, pH Increaser, No Foam, AquaCheck Test Strips, a Chemical User Guide and a Mixing / Storage Bucket which can also be used to dilute your chemicals before adding them to the water in your hot tub.

Available at our store in Wellingborough.


Starter Kit Includes:

  • Stabilised Chlorine Granules – 500g
  • pH Reducer – 500g
  • pH Increaser – 500g
  • No Foam – 500ml
  • AquaCheck Test Strips – 50 strips
  • Chemical User Guide
  • Mixing / Storage Bucket

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